Authors : Dr Richa Sharma, Nitin Tripathi & Sapna Mathur

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About the Author

Dr Richa Sharma :-  
Dr Richa Sharma, Assistant Professor, JSSATE, Noida, has a rich experience of more than 9 years in teaching. An academician at its core, she has been actively engaged in research activities and PhD supervisions. She has published several papers in the national and international refereed journals, and has presented papers in various national and international seminars and conferences. She has co-authored a book Negotiation and Counselling, and has written several chapters in various books. Her interest areas of research are Entrepreneurship Development, Organizational Behaviour, HRM and Knowledge Management.

Nitin Tripathi :-  
Nitin Tripathi, Assistant Professor, GLBITM, Greater Noida, has a rich experience of more than 6 years in teaching and in the industry. His interest areas are Entrepreneurship Development, Consumer Behaviour, Research Methodology and Marketing Research.

Sapna Mathur :-  
Sapna Mathur, Assistant Professor, JSSATE, Noida, is an MBA, UGC-JRF and UGC-NET in management. She has a vivid experience of more than seven years in teaching and in the industry. Her areas of interest are Entrepreneurship, Consumer Behaviour, Marketing Management, Sustainability, etc. Her research areas are Consumer Behaviour and Green Marketing. She has published a number of research papers in international and national refereed journals, and has contributed several chapters in various books. She has presented research papers in international and national conferences and seminars.

About the Book

This book is meant for BTech 7th semester course of all branches of Engineering of the Uttar Pradesh Technical University (UPTU). The book is of immense value for budding engineers to make them better managers and successful entrepreneurs. The book has been specifically written for those students who need a broad introduction to the whole field of enterprise, such as those who have chosen entrepreneurship as an elective paper for a Bachelor's or a Master's degree.


• Concept of Entrepreneurship • Small-scale Industries • Government Policies for Small-scale Industries • Project Planning Project Identification and Project Formulation • Project Appraisal • Accountancy • Production Planning and Control • Marketing and HRM • Project Planning and Control • Project Planning and Control • Project Planning and Control • Laws Concerning Entrepreneurs • The Workmen's Compensation Act, 1923  Income Tax and Sales Tax • Role of Various National and State Agencies that Render Assistance to Small-scale Industries

Key Features

• Questions and Examples: Wherever pertinent, chapters have Questions, Numerical Problems and Business Examples
• Additional Illustrative Material: Relevant illustrations have been used as accompaniment to the text
• Real-life Examples: These have been used in boxes to explain concepts further