Environmental Science (For GTU)

Environmental Science (For GTU)

Authors : Arun Luiz T & Mayank M Dalal

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About the Author

Arun Luiz T :-
He is currently working as Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry in SSN College of Engineering, Kalavakkam. He completed his Master in Science from St. Mary's College, (University of Calicut), Sulthan Bathery, Kerala. He stood first in his college for BSc and MSc (Chemistry). He received his Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry from IIT Madras. His research interest includes phosphorus-based ligands in synthetic inorganic chemistry and organometallic chemistry. He has published more than five books on engineering chemistry and has many research papers in reputed national and international journals. He has a great passion towards teaching.

Mayank M Dalal :-
He is having 23 years of teaching experience under various capacities in the field of Chemistry and Environment. He has started his journey in August 1996 as a Lecturer, and is currently working a Associate Professor and Head, Applied Science and Humanities Department in Sarvajanik College of Engineering & Technology, Surat, Affiliated with Gujarat Technology University, Gujarat. He has completed his Ph.D. studies in year 1996 and is having 20 years of research experience in field of Synthetic Organic Chemistry. He has published 25 research papers and articles in various national and International Journal. He has also presented 10 research paper and articles in various conferences, seminars and STTP. He is recognised Postgraduate teacher and has taught MSc. Environment Science, M.E. Environmental Engineering and also BSc and BSc-Microbiology students. He has worked as a visiting faculty at Department of Chemistry, VNSGU and has taught MSc. Organic and Analytical Chemistry for nearly 16 years. He is associated with several professional bodies and having the life membership of ISTE, ILC, JERAD and SAEST. He has received 5 awards in his PG studies and State Government Scholarship for his Ph.D. Studies. He was recognised by ABI, INC USA with Distinguish Leadership Award in year 1999. He remains chairman in International Conference and also referee for the national conference. He is also recognised Ph.D. supervisor and working as Ph.D. subject expert (DPC Member) in GTU and Uka Tarsadia University.

About the Book

As per the directions from The Supreme Court of India, UGC has made mandatory a course of Environmental Science for undergraduate students in Indian universities. This book has been written to cater the needs of B.E./B.Tech students according to the new syllabus prescribed by Gujarat Technical University.
This book comprises of five units which covers the entire syllabus. Topics like principles of environmental science, environmental pollution, social issues like acid rain, global warming, etc are included. New developments like Green buildings and smart cities are also included. This book has been written in a simple and lucid manner. Most of these topics are traditionally taught in environmental science and engineering in several universities and institutes. Hence this book will be useful for other universities as well. Figures and tables are incorporated wherever necessary to make the concept clearer. This book also contains short questions with answers and review questions. Case studies on various environmental issues have been included. Author hopes that this book will be useful for both students and faculty alike.

Table of Content

Unit-I: Introduction to Environment
Unit-II: Environmental Pollution
Unit-III: Global Environmental Issues
Unit-IV: Basic Concept of Green Building and Smart Cities
Unit-V: Concept of 4R's
Appendix: Short Answer Question and Answers (Unit-wise)