Enzymology and Enzyme Technology, 1/e

Enzymology and Enzyme Technology, 1/e

Authors : S M Bhatt

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About the Author

S M Bhatt :-

About the Book

For UG and PG Courses in Biotechnology and also useful for Competitive Examinations like ICMR, NET, GATE, TIFR etc. This book is also useful for B.Sc., B.Tech and M.Tech syllabus of many IITs, UPTech., etc. The chapter has been developed first to explain the behaviour of the simple enzymes, their related hypothesis and concept of kinetics which is the basic foundation to understand the behaviour of the multimeric enzyme.


Table of Content

•Enzyme : An Introduction • Enzyme Structure • Enzyme Specificity & Catalysis • Purification & Characterization Of Enzymes • Enzyme Assay • Enzyme Engineering • Enzyme Microenvironment : Catalysis In Non-Aqueous Solvent • Bioenergetics • Introduction To Metabolism • Knzyme Kinetics • Single Substrate Enzyme Inhibition • Kinetics Of Multisubtrate Enzymes • Enzyme'S Regulation And Cooperativity • Enzymes Immbilsation Techniques• Enzyme Biosensor