Ethics in Management and Indian Ethos, 2/e

Ethics in Management and Indian Ethos, 2/e

Authors : Biswanath Ghosh

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About the Author

Biswanath Ghosh :-
He is Professor and Dean of Management, Bengal College of Engineering and Technology, Durgapur. Previously he was Dean of Studies, Indian Institute of Management Sciences, Kolkata and Reader, Department of Commerce and Management, Burdwan University. He has also been visiting professor of a number of management institutes in Kolkata. He has authored ten textbooks on management subjects.
Dr. Ghosh is a recipient of a number of prizes, including the National Gold Medal from the Institute of Company Secretaries of India, New Delhi. He has participated in international conferences at Helsinki, Michigan National University (Kuala Lumpur) and at Bali and Colombo. He regularly guides scholars pursuing their PhD.

About the Book

The subject of ethics in management is not only new but also unique. It is based on the premise that good ethics leads to good business. Ethics in business is important because there is evidence to prove that unethical behaviour can cost a company its reputation, affect its share price and lower its profits. Ethics in Management and Indian Ethos is a comprehensive textbook for MBA students of Indian Universities. Though the subject is new, students will find it simple because of the way it is written. The text is lucid, and discussions are on practical points. The second edition is thoroughly revised and enlarged. Six new chapters have been added and many chapters have been re-written.

Table of Content

1. Introduction to Business Ethics, 2. Nature, Scope and Purpose of Ethics, 3. Importance of Ethics and Moral Standards, 4. Features, Types & Relevance of Values, 5. Model of Management in the Indian Socio-Political Environment, 6. Ethical Theory and Enlightened Egoism, 7. Corporations and Social Responsibilities, 8. Unethical Behaviour by Individuals in Organisations, 9. Ethics and Decision-making, 10. Making Moral Decisions, 11. Ethics of Advertising, 12. Ethical Investment, 13. Ethics and International Business, 14. Sci-Tech and Ethics, 15. Law and Ethics, 16. HRM and Ethics, 17. Ethics and the Environment, 18. Ethical Vision of Management: Vedantic Approach, 19. Human Values for Indian Managers, 20. Lessons from Ancient Indian Education System, 21. The Law of Karma, 22. Professional Ethics, 23. Quality of Working Life, 24. Total Quality Management, 25. Ethics and Religion, 26. Buddhist Economics, 27. Ethics of Vivekananda, Gandhiji, Aurobindo and Tagore