Authors : Prof. Nand Dhameja & S. ANJANEYA SASTRY

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About the Author

Prof. Nand Dhameja :- Management Development Institute, Gurgaon Formerly, Professor and Senior Consultant Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi

M.A., Former Head of the Department of Mathematics V.S.R. & N.V.R. College, Tenali.

About the Book

 This revised & updated edition of the book covers various techniques and tools of finance and accounting and discusses their application in a variety of decision-making situations with the latest trends, updates and evaluation metrics for companies incorporating various developments over the years.
 Without going into the intricacies of mechanics of accounting, it seeks to explain the various concepts of financial and management accounting to help the reader understand accounting as a business language.
 The book is based on the premise that a manager, in order to be competitive, should know the resources that have been deployed and also the costs related thereto, and be fully conscious of the impact of his decisions on the performance of the enterprise he works for. Hence, he should be equipped with proper understanding of accounting and finance.
  The book is intended primarily for managers in various functional and service areas involved in decision-making, and will also be useful for those pursuing a management programme for courses in the areas of management accounting and finance.

Table of Content

•  Finance and Accounting : An Overview
•  Fundamentals of Accounting
•  Understanding Financial Statements
•  Financial Statements Analysis
•  Ratio Analysis
•  Funds Flow Statement and Cash Flow Statement
•  Financial Analysis : Creative Accounting - A Checklist
•  Cost Concepts and Cost Terms 
•  Elements of Cost and Cost Sheet
•  Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis : Marginal Costing
•  Costing for Decision Making
•  Control and Responsibility Accounting
•  The Budget Process and Budgetary Control
• Cost Reduction and Cost Control
•  Working Capital Management
•  Capital Investment Decisions
•  Capital Structure Planning and Cost of Capital
•  Emerging Trends in Accounting and Finance 
•   Infrastructure Management and Financing : PPP Approaches and Experiences - India and Abroad 
•  International Financial Management
•  Annexure: Glossary of Finance and Accounting Terms 
•  Abbreviations 
•  Bibliography
•   Index