Finance for Everyone

Finance for Everyone

Authors : Devinder Kumar Anand

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About the Author

Devinder Kumar Anand :-
He has been Group CFO (Head of Finance) in a large-sized coking coal mining company in Africa. Fellow member of the Institute of Cost Accountants of India and also Fellow member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India, he has long, varied and in-depth experience of board and company affairs having worked as Executive Director (F&A) and Secretary at SAIL and Central Government as well. He is and has been on the Boards of many large companies and their committees. In the past he has also held the position of an Independent External Monitor of the National Fertilizer Limited for ensuring transparency (integrity pact) in their contracts.
Devinder Anand has the expertise in project management, treasury management, equity issue, cost & budget, finalisation of accounts, taxation, contractual matters, mergers & acquisitions, joint venture formation, company secretarial matters, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility, He has been involved in the preparation of financial models for business projections and turn-around of sick/loss-making companies. He has also taught financial management & cost management and held workshops on these subjects.

About the Book

This is an amazing book in the sense that it is:
• For non-finance executives to employ financial tools and techniques in their day-to-day work
• For engineers to have broad knowledge of finance to take their engineering decisions more effectively
• For students of MBA and BCom to understand the complexities of finance in such simple manner, which they do not find in their too-technical textbooks
• For ordinary citizens to equip them with the technical knowledge of finance required to live in business-oriented modern times to reduce risk

This is a unique book with Forewords from three eminent people in the field of Finance! Realizing its practical utility for people of primarily non-finance background they readily came forward to introduce it to a vast majority of these four classes of people who require some basic knowledge of the subject to excel in their professions and to handle day-to-day situations involving money.

Teaches the complex subject in a simple way, Short chapters do not leave a chance for boredom, The best buy to feel the pulse of financial management, A boon to the students of FM to clarify concepts, Lauded by famous experts on the subject

Table of Content

1. Basics of Commercial Enterprises, 2. Fundamentals of Financial Accounting, 3. Financial Statements, 4. Analysis of Financial Statements, 5. Working Capital Management, 6. Sources of Finance & Credit Rating, 7. Cost of Capital, 8. Capital Structure, 9. Dividend Policies & Bonus Shares, 10. Budget and Budgetary Control, 11. Capital Investment & Control of Capital Expenditure, 12. Capital Market, 13. Debt Market Instruments, 14. International Finance, 15. Money Market & Its Instruments, 16. Stock Market & Its Regulation, 17. Mutual Funds, 18. Commodity Markets, 19. Derivatives & Options 20. Venture Capital and Alternative Investment Funds, 21. Leases, 22. Mergers and Acquisitions, 23. Cost Accountancy, 24. Goods & Services Tax