Finite Element Analysis in Engineering Design, 1/e

Finite Element Analysis in Engineering Design, 1/e

Authors : S Rajasekaran

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About the Author

S Rajasekaran :- B.E.(Hons.), M.Sc(Engg.), Ph.D.(Canada), D.Sc(Civil Engg.), DSS, FIE, FIV, M.ASCE, MCSI, MISTE, FNAE; Professor of Infrastructural Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, PSG College of Technology, COIMBATORE-641004, TAMIL NADU(INDIA)

About the Book

The book discusses the fundamentals of theory of elasticity and finite element method, energy and variational principles starting from simple constant strain traingle to subisosuper parametric models as well as plate elements. Bucking and dynamic analysis are also discussed. Many case histories are presented where the finite element method was used to analyse and design and to find the in the Appendices to demonstrate the finite element procedure. Throughout the text, examples with figures and numbers are provided.


Table of Content

1.    Introduction To Finite Element Analysis
2.    Two-dimensional Pin Jointed Truss
3.    Introduction To Elasticity
4.    Two Dimensional Stress Analysis By Finite Element Method
5.    Storage Schemes And Solution Of Large System Of Linear Equations
6.    Energy, Variational  principles and Ritz Techniques
7.    Properties of Single Element Using The Assumed
8.    Elements stiffness In Plane Stress /Strain (C.S.T)
9.    Higher Order Triangular Elements
10.    Rectangular and Quadrilateral Elements
11.    Three-Dimensional Elements- Axisysmetric stress Analysis
12.    Three-Dimensional Finite Elements-Tetrahedral Family
13.    Stress Analysis Using Isoparametric Elements
14.    Finite Elements Analysis of Plates
15.    Buckling and Dynamic Analysis-The Eigen Value Problems
16.    Analysis of Large Scale Structures  By using General Purpose Finite Packages
17.    Finite Elements Method to Field Applications
Appendix (A-I)