Food Presentation Techniques

Food Presentation Techniques

Authors : Jagmohan Negi

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About the Author

Jagmohan Negi :- Ph.D., FHCIMA (London) Advance Courses on Tourism Studies (Switzerland)

About the Book

The book is specially written for the students/trainees of the IHMs, Culinary Schools, and Hotel Management Departments who are undergoing training to become Chefs/Food Production and Beverage Managers/service employees. The book consists of basic terms and techniques of food production and cuisine. It contains exercises, objective type problems, dialogues, role-plays and group exercises and number of practical tasks and assignments.


Table of Content

1. Introduction 2. Food And Five Human Senses 3. Basic Elements Of Food Presentation 4. Presentation Food For Service 5. Garnishes And Decoration 6. Garnishing And Food Decoration 7. Food Preparation And Presentation Methods