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About the Author

Dominique Lapierre—the noted French author—has several celebrated books to his credit, including City of Joy, Freedom on the Soviet Roads and Chessman Told Me. A Fulbright scholar of economics at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania, he travelled all over the world. In 1954, while serving in the French army, he met Larry Collins, a Yale graduate and draftee, to form an abiding friendship and literary partnership that produced renowned books such as Freedom at Midnight, O Jerusalem!, Is Paris Burning? and The Fifth Horseman. Dominique supports many humanitarian projects including refuge centres for leprosy and polio-afflicted children in Kolkata. He was also a close associate of Mother Teresa who gave him exclusive authorization to pen the script of a ?lm on her, titled Mother Teresa: In the Name of God's Poor. He was awarded the Padma Bhushan in 2008.

LARRY COLLINS (1929-2005) served in the US army during 1943-45. After World War II, he worked as a journalist for the United Press International, and subsequently for Newsweek. He switched to writing books in 1964, and collaborated with Dominique Lapierre to produce epoch-making books, many of which were also converted into films. His solo works include Maze: A Novel, Black Eagles, Le Jour Du Miracle: D-Day Paris and Tomorrow Belongs to Us.
Collins died of cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 76.

About the Book

The significance of the new edition lies in engaging the minds of two generations ';born' into a free country, to enable them to empathetically understand the aspirations and goals that united our leaders then towards the common cause of freedom. The significance lies in invoking the re-awakening of the Indian spirit. Surely it is time for the over 1 billion people in India to ask themselves honestly what their contribution has been thus far towards realizing an India free from poverty, illiteracy and inequality. While numerous tomes have been written on the Indian freedom struggle, the popularity of Freedom at Midnight lies in its easy narrative flow which veers from the thrilling to the enlightening, sometimes poignant and ever compelling style.


    A Race Destined to Govern and Subdue
  • Walk Alone, Walk Alone
  • Leave India to God
  • A Last Tattoo for the Dying Raj
  • An Old man and His Shattered Dream
  • A Precious Little Place
  • Palaces and Tigers, Elephants and Jewels
  • A Day Cursed by the Stars
  • The Most Complex Divorce in History
  • We Will Always Remain Brothers
  • While the World Slept
  • Oh Lovely Dawn of Freedom
  • Our People Have Gone Mad
  • The Greatest Migration in History
  • Kashmir – Only Kashmir!
  • Two Brahmins from Poona
  • Let Gandhi Die!
  • The Vengeance of Madanlal Pahwa
  • We Must Get Gandhi Before the Police Get Us’ Police Get Us’
  • The Second Crucifixion