Fundamental of Electric Circuit Theory, 9/e

Fundamental of Electric Circuit Theory, 9/e

Authors : D Chattopadhyaya

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About the Author

D Chattopadhyaya :- Ph.D., D.Sc., P.R.S.; Professor, Institute of Radio Physics and Electronics, Calcutta University, Kolkata

About the Book

This book presents the subject matter in a clear and concise manner with numerous diagrams and examples

Table of Content

• Basic Circuit Elements • Complex Numbers In Circuit Analysis • Some Important Concepts • Resonance • Network Analysis • Elements Of Graph Theory And Network Applications • Network Conversions And Network Theorems • Inductively Coupled Circuits • Synthesis Of Two- Terminal Reactive Networks • Synthesis Of Two-Terminal R-L And R-C Networks • Two-Port Networks • Attenuators, Insertion Loss, And Equalisers • Classical Filters • Active Filters • Laplace Transformation : Time Domain Response Of Circuits • Fourier Analysis : Steady State Response • Frequency Domain Description : Fourier Transform • Digital Filter • Three-Phase Circuits • Spice And Pspice : The Software Packages For Circuit Analysis • Short Review Questions (Objective Type) • Miscellaneous Problems • Index