Fundamentals of Biochemistry: (Multi Colour Edition), 7/e

Fundamentals of Biochemistry: <Span Class="Subtitlevalue">(Multi Colour Edition), 7/e </Span>

Authors : J L Jain, Sunjay Jain & Nitin Jain

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About the Author

J L Jain :-

Sunjay Jain :-

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About the Book

In this latest Seventh Edition , five New Chapters (No. 28, 29, 33, 36 and 37) have been added to enhance the scope and utility of the book: three chapters pertain to Bioenergetics and Metabolism (Biosynthesis of Nucleotides, Degradation of Nucleotides, Mineral Metabolism) and two to Nutrition Biochemistry (Principles of Nutrition, Elements of Nutrition). In fact, all the previously-existing 35 chapters have been thoroughly revised, enlarged and updated in the light of recent advancements and the ongoing researches being conducted the world over.


Table of Content

• Part-I: Prefatory
• Part-II: Biomolecules
• Part-III: Bioenergetics and Metabolism
• Part-IV: Hormone Biochemistry
• Part-V: Nutrition Biochemistry
• Part-VI: Analytical Biochemistry