Fundamentals of Financial Management

Fundamentals of Financial Management

Authors : Amit Singhal

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About the Author

Amit Singhal :- Amit Singhal is a chartered accountant by qualification and used to practice before realizing that his interest lies somewhere else. During his days as a student, he developed an inherent liking for teaching. So he pursued his interest and is now into full time teaching and research. Over the years, he has become passionate about teaching and learning through the art of storytelling. At present, he is Assistant Professor with Ramjas College, University of Delhi, where he helps students learn concepts in finance and feels that he is, in turn, learning the subject himself.

About the Book

The book attempts to make students understand the subject with its application in the real world and not merely for the examination purposes. Though the book has been designed as per the latest CBCS curriculum of Delhi University's B.Com. (Hons.) course, it may be helpful to the students of other courses as well. Even professionals, who are not from finance background and are interested in understanding the basics of financial management, would find the book useful.

The book is based on a story where two friends identify a business opportunity when a call centre opens up in their town. They, along with their other friends, plan and steer the business towards success. The concepts in financial management have been embedded in the story in such a way that the reader would be able to relate such concepts to a real business situation.

As the text is in the form of dialogues between friends, the reader does not need a serious mood to study the subject. The book can be read anywhere like a storybook and helps the reader in understanding finance without any stress.


Key Features

  • Applications of finance concepts are explained using a spreadsheet (Chapter 11).
  • All the concepts of financial management are embedded within the story.
  • Concepts have been explained with the help of numerical examples within the dialogues.
  •   Ample solved and unsolved problems.
  •  Last two years' solved examination papers.

Table of Content

1. Financial Management: An Overview

2. Capital Budgeting: Estimation of Cash Flows

3. Time Value of Money

4. Capital Budgeting: Techniques of Evaluation

5. Cost of Capital

6. Leverages

7. Capital Structure  A Milestone Raghu's Cab Business: End of First Year

8. Dividend Policy

9. Working Capital Management

10. Management of Receivables, Inventory and Cash

11. Applications on a Spreadsheet


Appendix A

Past Question Papers (CBCS