Fundamentals of Management, 1/e

Fundamentals of Management, 1/e

Authors : Amanjot Sachdeva & Dr. Pardeep Kumar

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About the Author

Amanjot Sachdeva :-

Dr. Pardeep Kumar :-

About the Book

This book 'Fundamentals Of Management' is a comprehensive guide to the fielld of Management and it evolution ,practices and concepts.This book covers at length the entire framework of syllabus for the Principals of Management at the graduate and Post graduate levels.It is especially relevent for the students of B.Com, B.Com(Hons.) BBA, BCA, BBS, MBA and other Management Programs of different Universities/


Table of Content

Nature And Process Of Management |Forms Of Business Organisation |Choice Of A Suitable Form Of A Business Organisation |Corporate Exoansions |Special Forms Of Business Ownership |Evolution Of Management Theory |Contemporary Management Thinkers |Managerial Roles,Skills And Levels |Overview Of Planning |Decision Making |The Planning Process |Goals,Management By Objectives And Planning Tools |Nature And Process Of Control |Nature And Process Of Organising |Formal And Informal Organisation |Organisational Structure |Authority And Responsibility Relationships |Delegation And Decentralization | Case Studies