Fundamentals of Microprocessors and Its Applications, 2/e

Fundamentals of Microprocessors and Its Applications, 2/e

Authors : A K Chhabra & Anokh Singh

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About the Author

A K Chhabra :- B.Tech., M.I.S.T.E. Deptt. of Electronics Engineering Directorate of Training and Technical Education New Delhi

Anokh Singh :- Deptt. of Applied Electronics and Microwave Technology New Delhi

About the Book

• For B.Tech/B.E., BIT, BCA, MCA, AMIE, IETE and B.Sc (Computer Science and Information technology) students of All Indian Universities.

• The book is simple and easy to understand language with large no. of illustrations.

• The latest edition describes detailed study of these 8-bit, 16-bit microprocessors, its peripherals devices, interfacing circuits, assembly language programs and its applications.

• The revised edition also covers the salient features of 80286, 80386,80486 and the Pentium processor.





Table of Content

|Introduction To Microprocessor|8-Bit- Microprocessors|Assembly Language Programming |Peripheral Devices|Some Other Microprocessors| Intel 8086 Microprocessors|Microprocessor Application |Appendices|Index