Fundamentals of Microwave and Radar Engineering, 1/e

Fundamentals of Microwave and Radar Engineering, 1/e

Authors : K K Sharma

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About the Author

K K Sharma :- Assistant Professor, Deptt. Of Electronics & Communication Engg. Lingaya's University, Faridabad

About the Book

For B.E./B.Tech. Students. This book is intended as an introductory text on MICROWAVE and RADAR ENGNEERING. The fundamentals priciple on microwave theory and techniques are thoroughly expalined in the simplest language. IT contains comprehensive up-to-date text for a standard course on transmission lines, waveguides, passive waveguide components, ferrite devices, microwave tubes, microwave semiconductor devices, microwave measurements, microwave antennas, and various microwave communication systems. This book also covers the RADAR system and microwave propogation at length. This written text is supplemented with a large number of suitable diagrams, photographs and a good number of solved examples for better understanding of subject.

Table of Content

•Introduction To Microwave •Transmission Lines Theory •Microwave Transmission Lines •Microwave Cavity Resonators •Microwave Components And Devices •Microwave Tubes •Microwave Semiconductor Devices •Microwave Measurements •Microwave Antennas •Radio Wave Propogation •Ground Wave Propogation •Sky Wave Propogation •Radar •Microwave Communacation Systems