Fundamentals of Plant Physiology, 19/e

Fundamentals of Plant Physiology, 19/e

Authors : V K Jain

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About the Author

V K Jain :-
Formerly Head, Department of Botany, Multanimal Modi (Postgraduate) College, Modinagar, Uttar Pradesh.

About the Book

In its 19th edition, the book continues to provide a comprehensive coverage on the basic principles of plant physiology.  It focuses on the concepts of plant physiological form & functions as well as processes in crop production.  Besides fulfilling the needs of undergraduate students, this book will be useful to postgraduate students and also to those appearing in various competitive examinations.

Key Features

• Inclusion of new topics such as passage cells in root epidermis, composition of casparian strips, toxicity of micronutrients and new variant of hydroponic system
• An appendix listing the contributions of 70 Nobel Laureates in the field 
• Over 700 discussion questions & about 1000 objective questions provided to enhance and strengthen learning of the students

Table of Content

• The Plant Cell • Water, Solutions, Suspensions and Colloidal Systems • Diffusion, Osmosis and Imbibition • Absorption of Water • Transpiration and Guttation • Ascent of Sap • Absorption of Mineral Salts • Mineral Nutrition of Plants • Nitrogen and Sulfur Metabolism • Enzymes • Photosynthesis • Special Methods of Nutrition • Carbohydrate Metabolism • Lipid (Fat) Metabolism • Translocation of Organic Solutes • Respiration • Growth and Growth Hormones • Photoperiodism • Vernalization • Germination and Dormancy of Seeds and Buds • Plant Movements • Circadian Rhythms in Plants • Stress Physiology • Secondary Metabolites • Photomorphogenesis • Bioenergetics • Appendices • Bibliography • Glossary