Geotechnical Engineering, 4/e

Geotechnical Engineering, 4/e

Authors : T G Sitharam & T N Ramamurthy

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About the Author

T G Sitharam :- Deptt. of Civil Engineering Indian Institute of Science Bangalore

T N Ramamurthy :- Deptt. of Civil Engineering, R.V. College of Engineering, Bangalore

About the Book

Topic related to Soil Mechanics covered in a simple, clear and logical manner. Suitable for first course in Geotechnical Engineering . Emphasis is on use of SI unit.


Table of Content

Chapter-1: Introduction Chapter-2: Basic Terminology And Interrelations Chapter-3: Index Properties Of Soil Chapter-4: Soil Classification Systems Chpater-5: Soil Formation And Soil Structure Chapter-6: Soil Water And Effective Stress Chapter-7: Permeability Chapter-8: Seepage Analysis Chapter-9: Stress Distribution In Soil Mass Chapter-10: Compaction Chapter-11: Consolidation Chapter-12: Shear Strength Of Soils Chapter-13: Stability Of Slopes Additional Questions Appendix-I Is Sieves Appendix-Ii Solution To Terzaghi'S One Dimensional Consolidation Equation References Index Answers