Guidance and Counselling (For Teachers, Parents and Students)

Guidance and Counselling (For Teachers, Parents and Students)

Authors : Sister Mary Vishala & SND

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About the Author

Sister Mary Vishala, SND :-
She is a member of the Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame. As an Educational Psychologist, she has dedicated more than two decades as a Teacher, Student Counsellor and Principal of the Teacher Training College, training and grooming teachers. Her love for the growth and development of adolescents is noteworthy. She has discussed the real-life experiences of parents, teachers and students as shared by them. The main purpose of this book is to serve the students community and help the parents and teachers to understand their wards at home and students in the classroom. It is a practical and reader-friendly guide to the 21st century family and the education system.

About the Book

This New Revised Edition of Guidance and Counselling incorporates not only the behavioural and psychological aspects in the development phase of children but also mental hygiene and character formation in children with the inclusion of guidelines for teachers to understand and assist Exceptional and Gifted Children.
Education is a two-fold process of psychological development and integration into society. This book is clear in its philosophical outlook and purpose, based on the everyday experiences of an observant and thoughtful educational leader. It includes the dilemmas of parents, teachers and students and illustrates the issues that affect the children, at different ages and stages of learning.
The response to the first edition of the book was overwhelmingly encouraging so it has been revised with six new chapters to benefit all; especially those entrusted with the care of students.


• It is designed to help all the four categories of people; parents, students, teachers and students of Educational Psychology and Guidance and Counselling.
• It further discusses what is an evident fact that the guidance programme starts from prenatal stage and concludes it with a special focus on adolescence.
• Many relevant illustrations are added to bring in the real-life situations alive.

Table of Content

• Guidance and counselling • Prenatal Period • Infancy • Early Childhood • Later Childhood • Adolescents • Habit Formation in Children • Mental Hygiene in Children • Why does one forget? • Training in Memory • Exceptional Children • Character Formation in Children