Health Education: A New Approach

Health Education: A New Approach

Authors : L. Ramachandran & T. Dharmalingam

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About the Author

L. Ramachandran :-
He was formerly Director, Gandhigram Institute of Rural Health and Family Welfare, Gandhigram. He has also served the Central Government Health Service, Rural Health Training Centre and Armed Forces Medical College. As the first Malaria Officer in the North-East Frontier Agency, Dr. Ramachandran did pioneering work in Malaria Survey and institution of malaria control measures. He was the first BCG Publicity Officer in the Health Department of Tamil Nadu and also has a Diploma in International Public Health from Prins Leopold Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp, Belgium.

T. Dharmalingam :-
He was Professor of Health Education, Gandhigram Institute of Rural Health and family Welfare, Gandhigram. He had successfully undergone a course on Medical Statistics and Epidemiology in the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicines, London.

About the Book

This book takes into account the psycho-social factors of individual, groups and community, group process and dynamics while studying the subject. It also deals with the principles and methods of health education, of which communication and community participation are essential components. In the process, it teaches every individual how to maintain positive health, and when, how and where to seek remedial action when afflicted with illness.


Part-I: Social Psychology - Introduction:
1. Health and Disease, 2. Perception, Knowledge, Attitude, and Behaviour, 3. Theory of Learning, 4. Motivation, Decision-Making and Defence Mechanism, 5. Community and Society, 6. Culture, 7. Adoption Process, 8. Social Change and Planned Change

Part-II: Group Process - Group-Structure-Dynamics-Process-Roles:
9. The Individual in Group-Individual Roles, 10. Communication in the Group Process, 11. Stages of Growth of a Group, 12. Organisation of a Good Group, 13. Diagnosing and Treating the Group Problems

Part-III: Health Education - Introduction:
14. Aims and Principles of Health Education, 15. Theories of Learning, 16. Community Organisation, 17. Communication, 18. Education and Educational Methods, 19. Training, 20. Evaluation of Health Education, 21. Role and Function of Health Education Specialists, 22. Practice of Health Education, 23. Research in Health Education