Human Resource Management: Principles and Practice

Human Resource Management: Principles and Practice

Authors : P G Aquinas

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About the Author

P G Aquinas :- Dr P G Aquinas is Professor and Dean, Aloysius Institute of Business Administration, St Aloysius College, Mangalore. He is a multi-faceted personality with varied activities and achievements. He has several degrees to his credit—MA (Economics), MCom (Costing), MSW (Personnel Management and Industrial Relations), Post-graduate Diploma in Labour Law and Post-graduate Diploma in Marketing Management, and a PhD from Mangalore University. Having taught the post-graduate students in Personnel Management, HRD and OB for more than 15 years at NNAM Institute of Technology, NITTE and St. Aloysius College, Mangalore, Dr Aquinas has been the UNDP Professor at the Alemaya University, Ethiopia. Dr Aquinas has travelled extensively throughout the world as a consultant, researcher and keynote speaker. His field of academic interest ranges from Commerce and Management to Economics and Behavioural Sciences. He has published 5 books and many research articles in the area of management and economics.

About the Book

This book is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to the subject. It is a student-oriented textbook as it satisfies the requirements of students for an exhaustive exposure to the principles and practices of human resource management in a clear, direct and easily understandable manner. The book focuses on two themes—the need to take a strategic orientation at all levels of the firm and the fact that true competitive advantage lies in a firm's human resources. It would be useful to MBA students and other post-graduate students of management who are specializing in human resource management. The book is also useful for the practicing HR Professional.


1. Human Resource Management-An Overview, 2. History of HRM, 3. Human Resource Planning, 4. Recruitment and Selection, 5. Training and Development, 6. Performance Appraisal, 7. Post-Appraisal Analysis, 8. Performance Counseling and Monitoring, 9. Motivating Human Resources, 10. Human Resource Records and Information Systems, 11. HR Accounting and Audit, 12. Human Resource Research, 13. Human Resource Policies, 14. Employee Welfare, 15. Compensation Management, 16. Employee Discipline, 17. Grievance Handling, 18. Collective Bargaining, 19. International/Global HRM, 20. Current Issues and Trends in HRM • Bibliography • Index

Key Features

• Learning objectives focus student attention on upcoming chapter content and shows what happens to the human resource manager or the organization
• Cases at the end of chapters provide students an opportunity to apply their knowledge in making managerial decisions and recommendations. These case studies present current HRM issues that allow for critical analysis
• Numerous review and discussion questions follow each chapter. These are designed to enhance learning and sustain interest