Human Resource Management, 2/e

Human Resource Management, 2/e

Authors : Seema Sanghi

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About the Author

Seema Sanghi :-
She is Managing Director at Styrax Consultants, a firm set up by her in the human resource solution space, which is focused on developing processes and people. It offers consultancy in competency mapping, assessment center psychometric and development, mentoring and coaching and HR processes and interventions. Earlier, she was Director at FORE School of Management.
Dr Sanghi received the Mother Teresa Award in 2003 and Excellence in Education Award in 2004. She has been a recipient of three gold medals and national scholarships for academic excellence.

About the Book

Human Resource Management, 2e, presents multifaceted, up-to-date and all-inclusive information which will be useful to students and professionals pursuing human resource management (HRM). Going beyond the coverage of a traditional textbook, this book focuses on applied aspects of HRM, which capture the evolving challenges in the field. Application approach is followed to enrich them with as many examples as possible from not only India but from the world over, making the topics more meaningful.

Key Features

The book is equipped with specialized, value-adding features that serve as quick and focused learning tools, such as:
• Opening Vignette introduces the HR topic, simulating the reference in context, generating interest and curiosity.
• Did You Know? Has illuminations, events, and historical facts relating to the roots and evolution of HE.
• Comparative Analysis cites examples from national and multinational companies on all aspects of HRM, enabling the readers to compare the problems and solutions.
• Recent Advances includes changing conditions, advances in the field and emerging trends that may open up new areas or give leads for project work, studies, surveys and research.
• Legal Corner gives insight into the national and international legal issues, framework and challenges faced by the corporates on a day-to-day basis.
• Court Room are short knowledge capsules on rights and wrongs based on past court rulings.
• Skill-building Activities are designed to tap readers' curiosity and interest, motivate and increase their eagerness to learn, provide an opportunity to expand their current range of knowledge, and test their skills with respect to the real-world issues. 
• HRM in Action are short boxed items interspersed logically throughout the book, serve as mini case studies.
• HRM in News provides the news of substance related to HRM.
• Case Studies at the end of every chapter, are full length real situations, where conceptual knowledge has to be applied to deal with various corporate challenges.

New in this Edition

• Two additional chapters—one on the burning topic of "Sexual Harassment at Workplace" and the other futuristic "HRM in the 21st Century". 
• End-of-the-chapter case studies to take the total number of case studies in the book to 20.
• Learning tools, namely "Court Room", "HRM in Action" and "HRM in News" are also new to this edition

Table of Content

1. Human Resource Management, 2. Strategic Human Resource Management, 3. Human Resource Planning, 4. Job Analysis and Job Design, 5. Recruitment and Selection, 6. Training and Development, 7. Career and Succession Planning, 8. Performance Management, 9. Employee Separation, 10. Job Evaluation, 11. Employee Compensation and Benefits, 12. Union Management Relationship, 13. Establishment and Terms of Service, 14. Social, Safety & Health, 15. Sexual Harassment at Workplace, 16. Competency-Based HRM, 17. Assessment Centres, 18. Human Resource Accounting and Auditing, 19. Well Being and Work Life Balance, 20. HR Analytics—HRM in the 21st Century • Case Studies