Implementing Six Sigma In Education

Implementing Six Sigma In Education

Authors : Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra

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About the Author

Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra :-

Author and soft-skill trainer with expertise in Six Sigma, Holds Limca Book of Record and India Book of Record , Former Principal of De Indian public School, CBSE empanelled resource master trainer, CBSE certified peer assessors for school quality assessment and accreditation, bestowed upon the National Teacher Award by the President of India in 2006



1. This book deals with an experiment towards excellence in education with a means to solve issues revolving around the teaching-learning process.
2. It reflects a means to promote problem-solving issues as SIX SIGMA PROJECTS through the concept of TEAM MANAGEMENT through generation of ideas via BRAINSTORMING.
3. The book highlights the importance of QUALITY as a habit towards getting fame for the school
4. The book is replete with ample lectures and case studies from participation at various Quality Conventions at Japan, China, Mauritius, Phillippines, Sri Lanka, as well as Nepal apart from various training sessions around the country.
5. The book has been a great motivation for educators globally