Authors : C N Shankar Rao

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About the Author

C N Shankar Rao :-
Lecturer in Sociology Canara Pre-University College Mangalore, Karnataka.

About the Book

This book entitled ';Indian Social Problems: A Sociological Perspective' provides a glimpse of many social problems that have been haunting the Indian society since years, decades, and even centuries.
Though India is fast developing, it has lots of regional, cultural, linguistic and religious diversities. These diversities are also reflected in its social problems. This book covers social problems which are general in nature and common to the whole nation such as population problem, poverty, unemployment, child labour, urbanization, youth unrest, problems of the aged, family disorganization, corruption, crime and delinquency, etc.
This book is prepared mainly to cater to the needs of the undergraduate and postgraduate students. Most of the universities in India have prescribed one paper on ';Indian Social Problems' either at the undergraduate or postgraduate level. The book also covers topics that are included in the syllabi of IAS, NET, SLET, KAS and other national- and state-level competitive examinations. It also contains lessons that form part of MBA, nursing and five-year law courses. Such students and examinees will definitely find the book highly helpful.

Table of Content

• Social Problems: An Introduction • Problem of Poverty • Unemployment Problem • Problem of Over Population in India • Crime and Punishment • Juvenile Delinquency • Problem of Child Labour • Youth Unrest and Agitations • Problems of the Aged in India • Problems of Women in Modern India • Dowry as a Social Problem • Family Disorganisation: Divorce and Desertion in India • Prostitution and Aids • Alcoholism and Drug Addiction • Corruption in Public Life and Nepotism • Challenges for National Integration • The Menace of Terrorism • The Scheduled Castes • Problems of Scheduled Tribes • Backward Castes / Classes [OBCS] • Problems of the Religious Minorities • Problems of Indian Villages • Problems of Urbanisation • Environmental Pollution • Illiteracy • Commercialisation of Higher Education in India • Problem of Bonded Labour • Problem of Black Money