Integral Calculus, 10/e

Integral Calculus, 10/e

Authors : P K Mittal & Shanti Narayan

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About the Author

P K Mittal :- M.Sc., Ph.D., Head of Mathematics Deptt. Govt. Post Graduate College, RISHIKESH

Shanti Narayan :- Former Dean of Colleges, Principal, Hans Raj College, Delhi

About the Book

For B.A. & B.Sc. Classes as per UGC Model Syllabus. This book has a new chapter on the 'Centre of Gravity and Moment of Inertia'. Many illustrations are given so as to enlighten the subject-matter.


Table of Content

Definitions|Methods Of Integration|Integration Of Algebraic Rational Functions|Integration Of Trigonometric Functions|Integration Of Irrational Functions|Definite Integral As The Limit Of A Sum|Areas Of Plane Regions|Rectification|Lengths Of Plane Curves|