International Business

International Business

Authors : Dr. C B Gupta

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About the Author

Dr. C B Gupta :-
He has taught B.Com. (Hons.) M.Com., MBA, CA and other courses for forty-one years at Shri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi and several business schools in NCR. He has also conducted workshops in Business Studies for teachers in reputed schools such as St. Columba's, DPS, Vasant Valley, New Era. He has written forty books in different areas of commerce and management. He has won several awards and prizes for his academic contributions. He is associated with the management of several institutions. He has undertaken post-doctoral research projects. He has presented papers in several national and international conferences. Dr. C.B. Gupta is member of All India Management Association.

About the Book

Economic liberalisation and globalisation have led to increasing academic interest in issues concerning international business. Divided int twenty-three chapters under five units, this well-written book discusses the concepts and recent developments and issues of international business.
Beginning with an introduction to the subject, the book discusses the concept, stages, importance, conditions and impact of globalisation. Then it moves on to discuss international business and global trading environment, theories of international trade, commercial policy instruments, balance of payment account and international organisations and agreements.  Furthermore, it deals with regional economic cooperation, international financial system, foreign exchange markets and exchange risk management, and foreign investment. Besides, it discusses organisational structure for international business, international production; marketing; financial and human resource management, and international business negotiations. Finally, the book deals with strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions, foreign trade promotion, joint venters, financing of foreign trade and payment terms and recent developments, and issues in international business.
This book is designed for the students of MBA, PGDBA, B.Com. and other professional courses.

Table of Content

Unit-I: 1. Introduction to International Business, 2. Globalisation, 3. International Business Environment, 4. Global Trading Environment, Unit-II: 5. Theories of International Trade, 6. Commercial Policy Instruments-Tariff and Non-Tariff Measures, 7. Balance of Payment Account, 8. International Organisations and Agreements, Unit-III: 9. Regional Economic Cooperation, 10. International Financial System, 11. Foreign Exchange Markets and Exchange Risk Management, 12. Foreign Investments, Unit-IV: 13. Organisational Structure for International Business, 14. International Production Management, 15. International Marketing Management, 16. International Financial Management, 17. International Human Resource Management, 18. International Business Negotiations, Unit-V: 19. Strategic Alliances, Mergers and Acquisitions, 20. Foreign Trade Promotion, 21. Indian Joint Ventures Abroad, 22. Financing of Foreign Trade and Payment Terms, 23. Recent Developments and Issues in International Business