International Economics, 2/e

International Economics, 2/e

Authors : H G Mannur

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About the Author

H G Mannur :-
He won a gold medal in Economics while doing graduation in 1958 from Karnatak University, Dharwar. He passed M.A. (Economics) in 1960 from the same University. He did M.A. (Economics) again in 1968 from the Indiana University, USA and got Ph.D (Economics) in 1972 from the same University. He was-Reader at the Institute for Social and Economic Research, Bangalore during 1972-73, and was Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Science, Penang, Malaysia from 1973 to 1992. Currently he is Head of the Economics Department and the most Senior economist at the University of Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby. He has published several research articles in economic journals in India and abroad. He has presented papers at several international conferences in India, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Germany, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines. He has published two other books: Economic History of Great Powers and Foundation Economics.

About the Book

International Economics is one of the important branches of the study of economic science. The present book is a result of long years of teaching experience in International Economics at University level in several countries including India, Malaysia and the United States and is a definite improvement on other books available on the subject. The book is divided into two parts and explains in detail every aspect of the subject. It will be of use to students of M.A. (Economics), M.Com. as well as those studying this subject as M.Com. majors in the Universities of Malaysia, Singapore and other far eastern countries, as well as the countries of the South Pacific.

Table of Content

Part One: International Trade Theory and Commercial Policy:
1. Introduction: The Principle of Trading, 2. The Classical Theory of International Trade: Comparative Advantage Model, 3. International Trade Equilibrium: Neo-Classical Analysis, 4. Terms of Trade: Concepts and Significance, 5. Foreign Trade and National Economies, 6. The Modern Theory of International Trade, 7. Obstacles to Trade and Trade Restrictions, 8. Commercial Policy-The Tariff Issue, 9. Commercial Policy: The Theory of Customs Unions

Part Two: Balance of Payments and Foreign Exchange Rate:
10. The Balance of Payments: Definitions and Concepts, 11. Foreign Trade and National Economics, 12. The Balance of Payments and Foreign Exchange Rate, 13. Balance of Payments Adjustment Mechanism: Automatic System, 14. Balance of Payments Adjustment: Policy Issues, 15. Optimum Currency Area Theories, 16. International Liquidity and The World Monetary System, 17. Trade Problems of Less Developed Countries

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