International Relations, 6/e

International Relations, 6/e

Authors : V N Khanna & Leslie K Kumar

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About the Author

V N Khanna :-
He was Reader in Political Science at Deshbandhu College, University of Delhi. In his long career spanning over four decades, he was actively involved with student development activities, and also served as principal of the college for a year. He participated in cooperative teaching in political science at the University of Delhi for a long time. He was a life member of the Indian Political Science Association and a member of the International Political Science Association. He authored a number of books in related areas.

Leslie K Kumar :-
He is Assistant Professor at Lady Shri Ram College, University of Delhi. Since 2011 he has taught a large number of courses like India's Foreign Policy, Politics of South Asia, International Relations, Global Politics, Political Theory, Classical and Modern Political Philosophy. His areas of interest are International Relations Studies, South Asia, Radicalization Studies, Regionalism and Politics and Ethics of Artificial Intelligence.
Dr Leslie has also delivered special lectures in India and abroad. An alumnus of Loyola College, Chennai and JNU, New Delhi, he has contributed research papers in national and international journals of repute. 

About the Book

International Relations covers the subject from the historical perspective—from the eve of the First World War to the end of the Cold War and beyond. This book is divided into two sections—the first deals with the theoretical perspectives, while the second provides an historical overview of events. These include the two World Wars, problems faced in peace-making, system of alliances, search for security, Nazism and Fascism, rise of communism, the arms race and disarmament, the Cold War and its end, Non-Aligned Movement, and the emergence of regional organizations.


The book is a useful resource for teachers and students of history and political science, those appearing for civil services examinations, as well as those interested in international relations.


New in this Edition

·         2008 Financial Crisis and the Future of Global Economic Order

·         9/11 and the Rise of International Terrorism

·         Europe on the Edge: Brexit and Beyond

·         Rise of China and the International System

·         International Climate Politics

·         Social Constructivist Theory of International Relations


Table of Content

Section I—Theoretical  Perspectives

  1. Introduction to International Relations
  2. Realism
  3. Neo-Realism
  4. Liberalism and Neo-liberalism
  5. World System and Dependency
  6. Feminist Approaches
  7. Social Constructivist Theory of International Relations
  8. The World in 1914
  9. The Peace of Paris
  10. The League of Nations: Structure and Functions
  11. The Search for Security
  12. Reparation, Debts and Economic Crisis
  13. The Russian Revolution
  14. Fascism in Italy
  15. The Far East
  16. Rise of Nazi Germany: The Third Reich
  17. Nazi Dictatorship in Action
  18. Appeasement and Prelude to the War
  19. The Second World War
  20. The League of Nations—A Peacemaker
  21. Wartime Conferences
  22. Foreign Policy of the United States of America
  23. Foreign Policy of the Soviet Union
  24. The Cold War
  25. Communism in China and the War in Korea
  26. Decolonization: Emergence of the Third World
  27. Evolution of the Cold War
  28. Détente and the End of the Cold War
  29. Non-Alignment
  30. The United Nations
  31. Regional Organizations: Emerging Centres of Power
  32. Rise of China and the International System
  33. Europe on the Edge: Brexit and Beyond
  34. 2008 Financial Crisis and the Future of Global Economic Order
  35. 9/11 and the Rise of International Terrorism
  36. International Climate Politics
1.       Appendix I: Wilson's Fourteen Points 475
2.       Appendix II: Covenant of the League of Nations 477