Introduction to Biophysics, 3/e

Introduction to Biophysics, 3/e

Authors : P K Banerjee

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About the Author

P K Banerjee :- M.Sc. (C.U.), Ph.D. (C.U.) FZS.FZSEI, Reader

About the Book

Biophysics is an intradisciplinary as well as an emerging subject in the field of Biological Science in the recent years.It is a hybrid science which deals with Physics ,Chemistry and Biology.


Table of Content

Properties Of Matter| Properties Of Solutior| Colloids| Ph And Buffer Soloution|Intra And Intermolecular Interactions In Biological System| Microscopy|X-Ray Crystallography| Radioactivity| Colorimetry, Photometry, Polarimetry & Spectrophotometry|Seperation Techniques|Thermodynamics|Biomechanics|Neuro Biophics|Nuclear Magnetic Resonance|Bibliography/Appendix-Donnan Membrane Equilibrium