Introduction to Biostatistics (A Textbook of Biometry), 3/e

Introduction to Biostatistics (A Textbook of Biometry), 3/e

Authors : P K Banerjee

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About the Author

P K Banerjee :- M.Sc. (C.U.), Ph.D. (C.U.) FZS.FZSEI, Reader

About the Book

Biostatistics or Biometrics is the study of the application of statistical methodology to analyse biological variations, correlation and regression in biological measurement. The book presents biological phenomena and observations by means of statistical analysis in a lucid and simple manner. It caters to the requirements of undergraduate courses in biological sciences, Zoology, Botany, Physiology, Microbiology, Biotechnology and Cytogenetics, in particular. Postgraduate students and researchers will also find it useful.


Key Features

• Addition of new topics in revised edition, namely, Set Theory, Binomial Expansion, Permutation, Combination and Non-parametric Statistics
• Rich pedagogy such as well-labelled illustrations, diagrams and tables and examination oriented solved problems to enhance learning ability

Table of Content

• Preliminary Concept • Frequency Distribution • Graphical Representation of Data • Central Tendency • Measures of Variation • Theoretical Distribution • Skewness, Kurtosis and Moments • Set Theory and Probability • Chi-Square Test • Student T Distribution • Z-test • F-Test or Fisher's F Test • Correlation • Regression • Analysis of variances (ANOVA) • Non-parametric Statistics • Statistical Tables • Notation and Important Formulae • Logarithms Tables • Bibliography