Introduction to Engineering Mathematics Volume-III (For APJAKTU, Lucknow), 7/e

Introduction to Engineering Mathematics Volume-III (For APJAKTU, Lucknow), 7/e

Authors : H K Dass, Rajnish Verma & Dr. Rama Verma

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About the Author

H K Dass :-
Prof. H.K. Dass, recepient of British Scholarship in 1971-72, for Specialist Study in ADVANCE MATHEMATICS at University of Hull, England. Prof. Dass, M. Sc. (Mathematics) Ist. division and college topper, has been teaching Mathematics to Engineering students for last 35 years and is the most popular faculty among students. Prof. Dass has etablished his reputation all over India and other neighbouring countries very firmly as an author of Mathematics Text books. He has to his credit 20 books of Engineering Mathematics and Maths school books. His books are very popular among engineering students all over the country, Sri lanka, Pakistan, East Asia and African countries. After the success of Engineering Mathematics books, the publisher encouraged him to write mathematics books for schools. In a short span of time, his mathematics books for class IX, X, XI and XII are a hit among school teachers' and students' community. ""Mathematics for class X"" is the best book among all the prevailing books available to the students, and gets a special mention. He has been awarded as Distinguished Author by our company. As an educationist his name has been approved as Member, Governing Body of Shyam Lal College by VC, University of Delhi. Prof. H.K. Dass has been conferred with "" SECULAR INDIA HARMONY AWARD - 1998"" by Honb'le Prime Minister, Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee in 1999. His famous books are: • Advanced Engineering Mathematics • Engineering Mathematics for AMIE • Mathematical Physics for B.Sc. Hons. • Introduction to Engineering Mathematics I & II for U.P. • Basics of Engineering Mathematics I, II & III for M. P. • Concept of Engineering Mathematics for Orissa • Fundamentals of Engineering Mathematics I, II & III for Uttarakhand • S. Chand's Engineering Mathematics I & II for Nagpur • Elements of Engineering Mathematics I & II for Gujarat (In Press) • Mathematics for IX, X , XI & XII(English-Hindi) • Laboratory Manual in Mathematics for X • Simplified Co-ordinate Geometry for B. Sc.

Rajnish Verma :-

Dr. Rama Verma :-
She is Gold Medalist M.Sc. (Mathematics) and Ph.D. At present she is Associate Professor, Mata Sundri College, Delhi University, Delhi.

About the Book

Introduction to Engineering Mathematics Volume-III is written for the B.E./B.Tech./B. Arch. students of third/fourth semester of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University (AKTU) in according to the new syllabus. The book is divided into twenty-five chapters covering all the important topics of the subject. It contains fairly a large number of solved examples from question papers of examinations recently held by different universities and engineering colleges so that the students may not find any difficulty while answering these problems in their final examination.

Salient Features

• Question papers of 2012-2017 are added at the end of the book. This will help the students to understand the trends of examination and faculties to provide rigorous practice to their students.
• Thirteen Programs to implement numerical techniques lab are part of the book.

Table of Content

1. Functions of Complex Variable, Analytic Functions, 2. Complex Integration, 3. Taylor's and Laurent's Series, 4. The Calculus of Residues (Integration), 5. Statistical Technique, 6. Curve Fitting, 7. Correlation and Regression, 8. Correlation and Multiple Regression Analysis, 9. Binomial Distribution, 10. Poisson Distribution, 11. Normal Distribution, 12. Test of Significations Chi-Square Cost, t-Test, 13. Transcendental and Polynomial Equations, 14. Finite Differences, 15. Interpolation with Equal Intervals (Newton's Forward & Backward Interpolation), 16. Interpolation with Unequal Intervals (Lagrange's, Newton's Divided Difference Formula), 17. Solution of System of Linear Equations (Crout Method, Gauss Seidel Method), 18. Numerical Differentiation, 19. Numerical Integration, 20. Numerical Solutions of Ordinary Differential Equations, 21. Boundary Value Problem, Eigen Value, Problems, 22. Eigen Value, Condition Number, Polynomial Method Power Method, 23. Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equation, 24. Integral Transforms, 25. Z-Transforms • Solved Question Paper 2012-2013 • Solved Question Paper 2013-2014 • Question Paper 2014-2015 • Question Paper 2016-2017 • Index