Introduction to Tribology of Bearings, 2/e

Introduction to Tribology of Bearings, 2/e

Authors : B C Majumdar

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About the Author

B C Majumdar :- B.M.e., M.Tech., Ph.D., Mem. ASME, M.I.E.(1), is a professor of Mechanical Engineering at IIT Kharagpur. He has held Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship of the alexander Von Humboldt-Foundation., West Germany from 1973 to 1975 and seniorAssociationship of National research Council, U.S.A. (1980-81). Dr. Majumdar has contributed over 80 research papers to Indian we well as foreign journals.

About the Book

•; The book discusses the basic principles and equations governing Hydrodynamic, Hydrostatic, Elastohydrodynamic and Gas Lubrication. The author has made an effort to explain the theory and present an exposition of the fundamentals of fluid film bearings, rolling element bearings, friction and wear of metals.

•; The majot portion of the book is devoted to hydodynamic theory and its application to bearings design, and the students undertaking machine design will realize that this theory must be supported by practical considerations like experience, judgement and ability to analyze service requirements.

•; A few problems for students have been given at the end of the book.


Table of Content

•Introduction •Properties And Testing Of Lubricants •Basic Equations •Idealized Hydrodynamic Bearings •Finite Bearings •Oil Flow And Thermal Equilibrium •Bearing Design •Squeeze Film Bearings •Hydrodynamic Instability •Externally Pressurized Oil Bearings •Much More...