Invertebrate Zoology

Invertebrate Zoology

Authors : E L Jordan & Dr. P S Verma

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About the Author

E L Jordan :- M.Sc., M.A.(Toronto); Formely Head of Zoology Department, Lucknow.

Dr. P S Verma :-
He is M.Sc., PhD, F.E.S.I. and F.A.Z, has immense teaching experience. He taught Zoology to undergraduate and postgraduate students at Meerut College, Meerut till 2000. Dr. Verma has engaged in active research, and also successfully guided several PhD students. He has to his credit publication of several research papers.
A celebrated author, Dr. Verma has written several books on Zoology. His books include Biology for Schools, and Biology for classes XI and XII (CBSE and ISC). He has also written several books for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. His books have been very popular among the student community.
His famous books include Invertebrate Zoology, Chordate Zoology, Practical Zoology (Invertebrate), Practical Zoology (Chordate), Cell Biology, Genetics, Cytology, Chordate Embryology, Textbook of Biology for class IX, Textbook of Biology for classes XI and XII and ISC Biology for classes XI and XII.

About the Book

A best seller for more than three decades, this textbook encapsulates the recent research and developments in the field. It discusses several animal types from each major phylum keeping in view not only the anatomy and physiology of animals, but also the relationship of structure to functional requirements of the environment. Comprehensively written, this textbook would be extremely useful for students of Zoology.


Key Features

• Updated content in the light of recent researches in the field 
• Nearly 900 well-labelled diagrams for easy understanding
• Close to 1200 long/short/very short type questions and 2000+ MCQs to test understanding of the concepts.

Table of Content

• Introduction • General Principles of Systematics (Taxonomy) and Animal Classification • Protoplasm • Cell-Structure and Function • Cell Division • Reproduction • Gametogenesis • Fertilisation • Parthenogenesis • The Invertebrates • Phylum Protozoa • Euglena • Trypanosoma • Amoeba • Entamoeba • Elphidium (= Polystomella) • Monocystis • Eimeria • Plasmodium • Paramecium • Vorticella • Protozoa: Characters, Classification and Types • Protozoa in General • Phylum Porifera • Leucosolenia • Scypha (=Sycon) • Porifera: Characters, Classification and Types • Porifera in General • Metazoa • Phylum Coelenterata (Cnidaria) • Hydra • Obelia • Aurelia • Metridium (Sea Anemone) • Coelenterata: Characters, Classification and Types • Coelenterata in General • Phylum Ctenophora • Phylum Platyhelminthes • Dugesia (=Euplanaria) • Polystoma • Fasciola (A Liver Fluke) • Taenia (A Tapeworm) • Platyhelminthes: Characters, Classification and Types • Platyhelminthes in General • Phylum Aschelminthes • Ascaris (A Common Roundworm) • Ancylostoma (A Common Hookworm) • Wuchereria (A Filarial Worm) • Aschelminthes: Characters, Classification and Types • Nematodes in General • Helminth and Human Diseases • Phylum Entoprocta (Endoprocta) • Phylum Nemertinea • Phylum Acanthocephala • Phylum Rotifera • Phylum Ectoprocta (Bryozoa) • Phylum Brachiopoda • Phylum Phoronida • Phylum Mollusca • Pila (Apple Snail) • Lamellidens (Unio) (Freshwater Mussel) • Mollusca: Characters, Classification and Types • Mollusca in General • Phylum Annelida • Neanthes (=Nereis) (Clamworm) • Pheretima (Earthworm) • Hirudinaria (Indian Cattle Leech) • Annelida: Characters, Classification and Types • Annelida in General • Phylum Arthropoda • Palaemon (= Macrobrachium) Prawn) • Scorpion • Periplaneta (Cockroach) • Grasshopper or Locust • Culex and Anopheles: The Mosquitoes • Musca: The Housefly • Apis: The Honeybee • Bombyx: The Silkworm • Cimex: The Bedbug • Termites: The White Ants • Arthropoda: Characters, Classification and Types • Arthropoda in General • Peripatus • Phylum Echinodermata • Asterias: A Sea Star • Echinodermata: Classification, Characters and Types • Echinodermata in General • Phylum Hemichordata • Hemichordata: Characters, Classification and Types • Glossary • Selected References • Index