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About the Author

Er Dr S K Sharma :-
He is a former Professor and Head, Civil Engineering Department, PEC University, Chandigarh with a brilliant academic record. He graduated from IIT Kharagpur obtaining his B.Tech (Hons) in Civil Engineering. He also did his M.Sc. (Engineering) with distinction from Punjab University and completed his Ph.D. in record time.
Dr. Sharma then joined Punjab Engineering College (currently PEC University of Technology), Chandigarh as Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering and rose to the highest position of Professor in a span of just eight years. He has to his credit a teaching experience of more than thirty years both at the under graduate and post graduate levels. He was deputed by the Government of India on foreign assignment in Iraq for five years, where he was instrumental in setting up a Post Graduate Department in Irrigation and Hydraulic Engineering at the University of Sulaimaniya in Iraq. 
Dr. Sharma has published a number of research papers both at the national and international levels and has guided a large number of students for their M.E degrees as well as Ph.Ds. He is also a renowned author of a number of text books in civil engineering, which have been highly appreciated both in India and abroad and is also a fellow of the Institution of Engineers, India.

About the Book

Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic Structures comprehensively deals with all aspects of Irrigation in India, soil moisture and different types of irrigation systems including but not limited to Sprinkler, Tubewell, Canal and Micro-Irrigation.
The book also focuses on Engineering Hydrology, Dams, Water Power Engineering as well as Irrigation Water Management. Special care has been taken to highlight the principles, practices and design procedures that have been widely recommended as well as suggest improvements in the application of existing methods and adoption of latest techniques used in other parts of the world.

Salient Features

• Complete syllabi coverage of major Indian Universities, NIT's, IIT's, A.M.I.E and the like.
• Detailed designs of important hydraulic structures which are worked out with the help of illustrations.
• Objective type questions which are added at the end of each chapter followed by review questions.
• Illustration of the text with 600+ line diagrams, 200+ tables and solved problems.

Table of Content

• Irrigation and its Planning in India • Irrigation Soils and their Fertility • Principal Crops in India • Soil-Water-Plant Relationships • Irrigation Water - Its Application and Assessment • Sprinkler Irrigation • Micro-irrigation (Drip/Trickle etc.) • Ground Water (Open Wells) • Tubewell Irrigation • Canal Irrigation • Unlined Canals - Silt Theories • Unlined Canals - Their Planning and Design • Lined Canals and their Design • Lift Irrigation • Water logging • Drains • Land Reclamation • River Engineering • River Training Works • Theories of Seepage • Diversion Headworks • Design of Weir/Barrage and Canal Head Regulator • Canal Regulators • Canal Falls • Cross-drainage Works • Canal Outlets • Engineering Hydrology • Gravity Dams • Arch Dams • Buttress Dams • Earth and Rockfill Dams • Spillways • Energy Dissipators • Water Power Engineering • Irrigation Water Management