Authors : Rashmi Kant Das

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About the Author

Rashmi Kant Das :-  
Rashmi Kanta Das holds a Masters degree in Business Administration from Utkal University, Orissa. He is a Sun Certified Java Programmer, Web Component Developer, Business Component Developer and a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. He has more than 10 years of experience in working on Java and Finding innovative solutions to the challenges faced in the software industry. He has served as a senior faculty at leading coaching institutes at Bhubaneswar.

About the Book

Java technology is rapidly becoming the standard tool for building dynamic web sites and connecting web front ends to databases and applications on a server. However, very few books are available on servlet and JSP, especially those that cover recent versions of the specification, advanced techniques or reflect on real-world experience. This book intends to bridge this gap.


Unit I: JDBC • Basics of JDBC • Working with SQL and PL/SQL • Introducing JDBC API • Working with Statements and Result Sets • Advanced JDBC Concepts, Unit II: Web Applications • Introduction to Web Applications • Introduction to Servlets • Understanding Request Processing and HTTP • Servlet Communication • Servlet Chaining • Session Tracking • File Uploading, Unit III: Java Server Pages • Introducing Java Server Pages • JSP Lifecycle and Scripting Elements • Working with Directive Tags • Describing JAVA Bean and Action Tags in JSP • Working with Custom Tags and Standard Tag Library (JSTL) • JSP Communication • JSP Chaining and Session Tracking

Key Features

Extensive coverage of: • JDBC architecture and the different types of drivers • Basic SQL commands • RowSet and transaction management • Servlet API and its life cycle • Form validation • ServletConfig and ServletContext • Servlet chaining and session tracking • JSP and its life cycle • JSP tag and JSTL tag • JSP chaining and session tracking"