Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

Authors : Sudhir Warier

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About the Author

Sudhir Warier :-
He has been in the field of Knowledge Management for several years and has worked in developing organization Knowledge Management framework as well as the design and implementation of prototype Knowledge Management Systems. After completing his bachelor's degree in Electronic and Communication Engineering from Karnataka University and master's in Financial Management from Pondicherry University, he worked in the IT training industry from many years. He has authored several papers and articles for various magazines and journals in the field of Knowledge Management, Data Mining, Data Warehousing, Telecommunications, Network Engineering and Multimedia.

About the Book

Knowledge Management involves enhancing organizational knowledge through sound practices of information management and organizational learning. This book discusses the strategies, techniques and tools to facilitate the design and development of an organizational Knowledge Management System.

Salient Features

• discusses key terminology and core concepts in a simple and lucid manner
• presents a systematic overview of tools and the implementation approaches
• discusses the strategies for successful implementation of a Knowledge Management System
• exclusive chapter on Knowledge Management Careers
• summary at the end of every chapter

Table of Content

1. Essentials of Computing, 2. Quality, Re-engineering Methodologies and Business Paradigms, 3. Knowledge Management—An Insight, 4. Essentials of Knowledge Management, 5. Knowledge Management Techniques, Systems, and Tools, 6. Organizational Knowledge Management Architecture and Implementation Strategies, 7. K-Careers • Summary • References • Bibliography • Index