Macro Economics, 1/e

Macro Economics, 1/e

Authors : Abha Mittal

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About the Author

Abha Mittal :-

About the Book

For the students of B.Com. (Hons.) Delhi University Annual and Semester Examination


Table of Content

National Income Accounting | Equilibruim Output And Employment | Components Of Gross Domestic Product | Neo-Classical Theory Of Distribution Of National Income (Among Factors Of Production) | Classical Model Of Determination Of Eqilibrium In The Goods Market And The Money Market | Keynesian Model Of Income Determination | Multiplier | The Is-Lm Model | Shifts And Slope Of Is And Lm Curve | Shifts In Aggregate Demand And Aggregate Supply | Monetary And Fiscal Policy And Its Effect On The Goods And The Money Market | Unemployment | Philips Curve And As Curve | Dynamic Aggregate Demand | Inflation | Exchange Rate | Large Open Economy Case | Mundell Fleming Model| Money Supply | Investment Spending | Demand For Money | Transaction Theories Of Money Demand