Map Work and Practical Geography, 4/e

Map Work and Practical Geography, 4/e

Authors : Gopal Singh

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About the Author

Gopal Singh :- Gopal Singh, former Head of the Department of Geography, A.I. Jat H.M. College, Rohtak. In his long career spanning 34 years, tried to understand why some students failed to grasp the basic concept of the subject. Thus, enabling him to write a user friendly book. His other books are “The Earth”, “A Geography of India” which was also published in Russian language. He was a member of the group of subject specialists who wrote the first draft of the book entitled “Teaching of Geography” and National Integration”. This book has been published by N.C.E.R.T., Delhi.

About the Book

The book encompasses a wide range of topics on practical geography taught to the B.A./B.Sc. students of Indian universities. Numerous examples and diagrams have been included in the text with the sole aim of enabling the students to have a comprehensive grasp of the subject. Attempt has also been made to present a well-balanced treatment of each topic. Topics like measurement of ground areas from maps, determination of class-interval for choropleth maps, representation of agricultural, industrial and transport data, choice of map projections, interpretation of topo-sheets, etc., have been included in this book and discussed in detail. Books treating various aspects of practical geography need regular up-dates. Therefore, the latest available material has been used to up-date this edition. Guidance of learned college and university teachers has enabled the author to present the subject-matter clearly and accurately. It is hoped that in addition to developing a keen interest for practical geography, it will form the basis for a more advanced study of the subject among the students.


    Globes and Maps
  • Map Scales
  • Measurement of Distances and Areas on Maps
  • Enlargement and Reduction of Maps
  • Map Projections
  • Cylindrical Map Projections
  • Conical Map Projections
  • Zenithal Map Projections
  • Conventional Map Projections
  • Identification and Choice of Map Projections
  • Surveying
  • Representation of Relief Features
  • Representation of Relief by Contours
  • Profile, Slope and Intervisibility
  • Interpretation of Topographical Maps
  • Statistical Diagrams
  • Line-Graph
  • Cartographic Symbols
  • Distribution Maps
  • Determination of Class-Interval
  • Representation of Population, Agricultural, Industrial and Transport Data
  • Weather Maps
  • Determination of True North
  • Bearings
  • Elementary Statistical Techniques