Marketing Management, 3/e

Marketing Management, 3/e

Authors : R S N Pillai & Bagavathi

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About the Author

R S N Pillai :-
He was formerly Professor & Head of the Department (Commerce), Anna College, Aramboly (Kanyakumari). He is well-known for his contributions to education. He has to his credit the authorship of several books which include Fundamentals of Advanced Accounting Vol - I & II , Practical Accounting Vol - I & II, Practical Statistics, Management Accounting, Cost Accounting, modern Commercial Correspondence, Principles and Practices of Management, Office Management, Marketing Management to name few.

Bagavathi :-
An accounting educator has made several academic contributions in the field of accounting. She has to her credit co-authorship of several books.

About the Book

• Written in simple and conversational language.Main points are given in Bold Letters or in Boxes. Themes are easily understandable, even to a lay-man.

•; A good number of case studies are included and each chapter has been discussed in detail & discussed throughly.


Table of Content

Part-1: Fundamentals Of Marketing Part-2: Developing Marketing Strategy Part-3: Understanding Consumer Behaviours Part-4: Managing Products Part-5: Communications Decisions Part-6: Managing Sales Forces Part-7: Management Of Physical Distribution Part-8: Managing Marketing Of Services Part-9: Recent Trends In Marketing