Marketing Research and Consumer Behaviour

Marketing Research and Consumer Behaviour

Authors : P Saravanavel & S Sumathi

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About the Author

P Saravanavel :- P Saravanavel, has having more than three decades of teaching experience in M.Com. and MBA Course students.

S Sumathi :- S Sumathi, M.A. in Psychology as well as Master Degree holder in Marketing Management also holding PG Diploma in Digital Electronics and Computer Applications.

About the Book

This book is designed for the students of M.A., M.Sc., M.Com. and M.B.A. with the purpose of blending both concepts and applications from the field of consumer behaviour and most importantly jargon has been avoided.

Key Features

• Large number of illustrations and tables
• Review questions at the end of each chapter
• Appendix provides sample questionnaires

Table of Content

Section-I: Marketing Research: 1. Nature and Scope of Marketing Research, 2. Types of Marketing Research, 3. Marketing Research Process, 4. Marketing Research and Marketing Decision Making, 5. Marketing Research Organisation, 6. Scientific Method and Hypothesis, 7. Research Design, 8. Sampling Design, 9. Secondary Sources of Data, 10. Primary Sources of Data, 11. Measurement and Scaling Techniques, 12. Questionnaire Designing, 13. Personal Interview Method, 14. Processing, Analysis and Interpretation of Data, 15. Report Writing, 16. Application of Marketing Research, 17. Product Research, 18. Price Research, 19. Motivation Research, 20. Advertising Research, 21. Sales Research (Market and Sales Analysis), 22. Marketing Research Agencies and Ethical Issues, Section-II: Consumer Behaviour: 23. Consumer Behaviour: An Overview, 24. Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Decisions, 25. Consumer Research, 26. Market Segmentation, 27. Profile of the Indian Consumer, 28. Environmental Influences on Consumer Behaviour, 29. Personal Factors — Age and Life Cycle Stage, 30. Personality and Self-concept, 31. Motives, Perception and Learning, 32. Consumer Decision Processes, 33. Alternative Evaluation, 34. Purchase Process, 35. Consumer Behaviour Models, 36. Diffusion of Innovation, 37. Organisational and Industrial Consumer Behaviour, 38. Consumerism, 39. Consumer Movement in India • Appendix: Sample Questionnaire • Suggested Readings