Mastering Physics Volume II

Mastering Physics Volume II

Authors : Er. Rakesh Rathi

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About the Book

Mastering of Physics Volume II, judiciously combines theory and practice with the right emphasis on solved examples and exercises enabling the students to understand the concepts better. The rich pedagogy and systematic approach enhances the student' learning experience. The book aims to provide focused exposure and practice of the different question types asked in the IIT-JEE and other engineering entrance examinations. All questions are followed by answers and detailed explanations.

Table of Content

1. Electrostatics, 2. Current Electricity, 3. Capacitance, 4. Geometrical Eptics, 5. Wave
Optics, 6. Magnetic Field & Magnetic Field due to a Current, 7. Electromagnetic
Induction, 8. Alternating Current, 9. Modern Physics • Appendix-A: Constants and
Conversion Factors, Appendix-B: Values of Trigonometric Functions for Common
Angles, Appendix-C: Basic Equations • Index