Mathematical Physics, 4/e

Mathematical Physics, 4/e

Authors : B D Gupta

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About the Author

B D Gupta :-
He retired as Associate Professor and Head of Mathematics Department, Vardhaman College, Bijnor (Rohilkhand University). A prolific writer on mathematics and applied mathematics, he has written many books such as Classical Mechanics, Mathematical Statistics, Topology, Numerical Analysis, Mathematical Methods with Statistical Functions and Trigonometry. Dr Gupta has taught and guided students for more than forty years.

About the Book

Mathematics is an essential ingredient in the education of a student of mathematics or physics or a professional physicist, indeed in the education of any professional scientist or engineer. The purpose of Mathematical Physics is to provide a comprehensive study of the mathematics underlying theoretical physics at the level of graduate and postgraduate students and also have enough depth for others interested in higher level mathematics relevant to specialized fields. It is also intended to serve the research scientist or engineer who needs a quick refresher course in the subject.
The Fourth Edition of the book has been thoroughly revised and updated keeping in mind the requirements of students and the latest UGC syllabus.

Key Features

• Exhaustive treatment of the subject
• Systematic and logical arrangement of topics
• Rigorous explanation of each theorem to facilitate comprehension
• Worked out examples to clarify concepts
• Additional problems from university papers for more practice

New in this Edition

• Additions in the chapters on Vectors, Matrices, Tensors, Complex Analysis, Differential Equations, Harmonics, Beta, Gamma and Error Functions
• Extra problems in every chapter
• Updated and enhanced appendix

Table of Content

• Vectors • Matrices • Tensors • Group Theory • Complex Variables • Beta, Gamma and Error Functions • Differential Equations • Harmonics (With Special Functions) • Fourier's Series, Integrals and Transforms • The Laplace Transforms • Hankel Transforms • Diffusion, Wave and Laplace's Equations • Maxwell's Electromagnetic Field Equations • Special Theory of Relativity • Statistical Probability