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About the Author

S S Bhavikatti :-
He is Emeritus Professor, BVB College of Engineering & Technology, Hubli. He is a former Dean of NITK, Surathkal, and SDM College of Engineering & Technology, Dharwad. For some time he has also been Principal, RYM Engineering College, Bellary.
Prof Bhavikatti holds an ME degree in Structural Engineering from the University of Roorkee, and a PhD from IIT-Delhi.

About the Book

For students of civil engineering, the basic course on Strength of Materials is not enough to start their engineering career. They need an advanced course like Mechanics of Structures to understand strength and stability of several components of civil engineering structures. Hence, Mechanics of Structure is taught to all polytechnic students of civil engineering.
It is written in SI units. Notations used are as per Indian standard codes. Apart from West Bengal Polytechnic students of civil engineering branch, it is hoped that the students of other states with similar syllabus may also find this book useful.


• Volumetric Strain and Elastic Constants • Principal Planes and Principal Stresses • Shear Force and Bending Moments • Stresses in Beams • Analysis of Trusses • Strain Energy • Direct and Bending Stresses • Slope and Deflection • Application Slope and Deflections Using Moment Area Theorems • Beams with One or Both Ends Fixed • Continuous Beams and Application of Clapeyrons' Theorem of Three Moments • Moment Distribution Method Applied to Beams • Application of Moment Distribution Method to Single Storey Single Bay Symmetrical Portal Frame • Columns

Key Features

• 100 per cent coverage of new syllabus
• Emphasis on practice of numericals for guaranteed success in exams
• Lucidity and simplicity maintained throughout
• Nationally acclaimed author of over 40 books