Metallurgical Thermodynamics Kinetics and Numericals, 1/e

Metallurgical Thermodynamics Kinetics and Numericals, 1/e

Authors : Avinash B Lele & Sujay Kumar Dutta

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About the Author

Avinash B Lele :- B.E., M.TECH

Sujay Kumar Dutta :- B.E., M.E.

About the Book

This book is written specially for the students of B.E./B.Tech. of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering. It also serves the needs of allied scientific disciplines at the undergraduate, graduate level and practising professional engineers. Salient Features of the book : Textbook is divied into two parts : Part I : Metallurgical Thermodyanamics and Kinetics , Part II : Metallurgical Numericals (including Iron making, Steel making, Extractive Metallurgy). About 100 solved problems in SI units. Simple language and clear concepts for better understanding.

Table of Content

• Introduction • Energy And First Law Of Thermodynamics • Heat, Capacity, Enthalpy And Heat Of Reaction • Second Law Of Thermodyamics • Free Energy And Third Law Of Thermodyamics • Fugacity, Activity And Equilibrium Constant • Inter-Relation Between Thermodyanmics • Solutions And Partial Mola Quantities • Phase Rule And Phase Diagrams • Free Energy - Temparature Diagram • Reaction Kinetics • Characterization Of Slag • Electrometallurgy • Iron Making • Steel Making • Extractive Metallurgy • Appendix • Bibliography • Index