Modern Physics, 16/e

Modern Physics, 16/e

Authors : B L Theraja

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About the Author

B L Theraja :-

About the Book

This is the sixteenth edition of the textbook. It include solutions of A.M.I.E. papers. Some of the latest questions from B.E., B.Sc(Engg.) a B.Sc(General) examinations of various Indian Universities have also been added. Special features the book is that all the diagrams are redrawn & made by computer. The size of the book is all changed as per the present trend of various popular textbooks.


Table of Content

• Electric And Magnetic Fields • The Electron • Atomic Structure • Crystallography • Quantum Theory • Bonds In Solids • Classification Of Solids • X-Rays • Waves And Particles • The Atomic Nucleus • Natural Radioactivity • Artificial Radioactivity • Nuclear Reactions • Reactions • Nuclear Fission And Fusion • Nuclear Energy Sources • Particle Accelerators • Ultrasonics • Appendices • Index