Molecular Biology, 2/e

Molecular Biology, 2/e

Authors : H D Kumar

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About the Author

H D Kumar :-
He (Ph.D. (London) 1963) has taught algal biotechnology, microbial and molecular genetics, and other aspects of modem biology to students at several universities, including Bihar, Gorakhpur, Udaipur, Himachal Pradesh and Banaras. A fellow of all the three premiere science academies of India, Professor Kumar was Coordinator of the multi-faculty Biotechnology Programme at Banaras Hindu University from 1989 to 1991. He has widely travelled and lectured in many countries and has held visiting professorships at Nara Women's University, Japan, and Philipps University, Germany. He has published 150 research papers and twelve books in diverse areas, including Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, and General Ecology, widely acclaimed books, published by 'Vikas'.

About the Book

The book is a choice selection of exciting topics in molecular biology organized in a logical sequence starting with a historical and biochemical background, progressing through the structure and functions of nucleic acids, the role of nucleic acids in protein synthesis (including transcription and translation of genetic information) and culminating in a concise account of our current knowledge about genes and genomes. While the close interlinkages amongst cell biology, biochemistry and molecular genetics in weaving the fabric of general molecular biology can be seen throughout the book, the electron microscopic aspects, usually termed supramolecular biology, have been avoided so as to enhance utility of the text for students in developing countries including India. The textbook has a glossary of useful terms and a list of recent books and papers for supplementary reading and reference. A short summary of some important points and rules of molecular biology is given at the end of each chapter for quick reference.


1.General Introduction, 2.Cells, Molecules and Atoms, 3.Nucleic Acids-Deoxyribose Nucleice Acid, 4.Ribose Nucleic Acid (RNA), 5.Role of Nucleic Acids in Protein Synthesis, 6.Genes, 7.Genomics and Proteomics, Questions, Glossary, References, Index