New Age Learning and Reading Skills

New Age Learning and Reading Skills

Authors : Ajay Aggarwal

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About the Author

Ajay Aggarwal :- MBA (FMS-Delhi Univ.), Strategic marketing(IIM-A)


The benefits of New Age Learning and Reading Skills are lifelong and guarantee academic excellence: 1. Whole Brain Learning Learn to use your left and right brain
2. Speed Reading Saves 50 % study time
3. Mind Mapping The best tool in the world to prepare quality notes to save time, boost memory, and understanding
4. Developing Long Term Memory Recall facts and figures effortlessly
5. Mastering Exam Questions Learn how to score top marks
6. Managing Study Time Plan your study time for the year using simple templates provided
7. Conquering Exams Tips, FAQs and common pitfalls to be avoided
8. Listening Skills Learn a vital communication skill never formally taught