Object Oriented Programming With C++, 1/e

Object Oriented Programming With C++, 1/e


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About the Author

He is presently working as Assistant Professor in department of Computer Applications at Dr. B. C. Roy Engineering College, Durgapur. He has Ph.D. on ICT from NIT, Durgapur. He has more than twenty four research publications mostly in international referred & peer reviewed journals and international conference proceedings. His research interests include the domains like ICT, Multi-criteria decision making, Statistics, Data mining and Software Engineering.

About the Book

In older times, classic procedure-oriented programming was used to solve real-world problems by fitting them in a few, predetermined data types. However, with the advent of object-oriented programming, models could be created for real-life systems. With the concept gaining popularity, its field of research and application has also grown to become one of the major disciplines of software development. With Object-Oriented Programming with C++, the authors offer an in- depth view of this concept with the help of C++, right from its origin to real programming level. With a major thrust on control statements, structures and functions, pointers, polymorphism, inheritance and reusability, file and exception handling, and templates, this book is a resourceful cache of programs-bridging the gap between theory and application. To make the book student- friendly, the authors have supplemented difficult topics with illustrations and programs. Put forth in a lucid language and simple style to benefit all types of learners, Object-Oriented Programming with C++ is packaged with review questions for self-learning.


  • Basics of Object-Oriented Programming
  • Introduction to C++: Getting Started
  • C++ Language Control Statements
  • Structures and Functions: The Basics
  • Class and Objects
  • Polymorphism: Getting Detailed
  • Inheritance and Reusability
  • Pointers
  • Virtual Function and Dynamic Binding
  • File Handling
  • Template
  • Handling Exceptions
  • Standard Template Library
  • University Model Questions Papers

Key Features

  • Illustrations to aid student learning
  • Numerous examples of C++ programming
  • Complete coverage as per the updated syllabus
  • Previous years' solved university papers
  • Review questions for self-assessment and practice