Objective Biology for NEET: Volume 1

Objective Biology for NEET: <Span Class="Subtitlevalue">Volume 1 </Span>

Authors : Amit Kumar Dixit

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About the Book

This is unique bilingual book that specially help candidates coming from Hindi background. Understanding the question fully is the first requirement to answer it correctly. Books are based on NCERT pattern, provide sufficient practice material that includes previous years' questions.

Key Features

• Bilingual: Question-Answers in English and Hindi
• NEET: Covers NEET and other medical entrance examinations
• NCERT: Based on NCERT syllabus
• Exhaustive: In-depth coverage
• Questions: Includes questions and answers from previous years' exams

Table of Content

Unit-1: Diversity in The Living World • The Living World • Biological Classification • Plant Kingdom • Animal Kingdom, Unit-2: Structural Organisation in Plants and Animals • Morphology of Flowering Plants • Anatomy of Flowering Plants • Structural Organisation in Animals, Unit-3: Cell: Structure and Functions • Cell—The Unit of Life • Biomolecules • Cell Cycle and Cell Division, Unit-4: Plant Physiology • Transport in Plants • Mineral Nutrition • Photosynthesis in Higher Plants • Respiration in Plants • Plant Growth and Development, Unit-5: Human Physiology • Digestion and Absorption • Breathing and Exchange of Gases • Body Fluids and Circulation • Excretory Products and their Elimination • Locomotion and Movement • Neural Control and Coordination • Chemical Control and Coordination • AIPMT/NEET Previous Years QuestionsNEET 2017 Questions and Answers