Objective Electrical Technology

Objective Electrical Technology

Authors : V K Mehta & Rohit Mehta

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About the Author

V K Mehta :-
He is a well-known author of Physics and Engineering books, has been exclusively associated with S. Chand and Company for the last 30 years. He was born on 26th June, 1944 and had a brilliant career; being a scholarship holder throughout his academic and engineering career. He has a vast experience of teaching different Engineering subjects including Electronics, Power System and Electrical Machines. He has also been associated with the design of electrical and electronic equipments. His rich experience in teaching and design is amply reflected in his books which are known for simple language, clarity and practical orientation. Some of his books are so popular that they are acclaimed as a masterpiece on the subject. His most popular books published by S. Chand and Company are: • Principles of Electronics • Principles of Power System • Principles of Electrical Machines • Principles of Electrical Engineering • Basic Electrical Engineering • Principles of Electrical Engineering and Electronics • Objective Electrical Technology • Principles of Physics for Classes XI and XII.

About the Book

For the past 15 years, "Objective Electrical Technology" has been a comprehensive collection of multiple choice questions specifically for aspirants of various competitive (such as GATE, UPSC, IAS and IES) as well as students who are preparing for university examinations.
The questions provided in this book have been selected from various potent resources to provide the students with an idea of how the questions are set and what type of questions to expect on the final day. 


Salient Features

• Divided in 4 parts and 41 chapters, questions are provided for every important concept of Electrical Technology.
• More than 1000 figures for clarity of questions provided.
• Close to 5500 questions (Short Answer Questions and Objective Type Questions combined) for the practice necessary for complete retention.

Table of Content

Part-I: Basic Electrical Engineering
• Basic Concepts • D.C. Circuits • Network Theorems • Electrical Work, Power and Energy • Electrostatics • Capacitance • Magnetism and Electromagnetism • Magnetic Circuits • Electromagnetic Induction • Chemical Effects of Electric Current • Alternating Current • Series A.C. Circuits • Phasor Algebra • Parallel A.C. Circuits • Three Phase Circuits • Electrical Measuring Instruments

Part-II: Electrical Machines
• D.C. Generators • D.C. Motors • Transformers • Three Phase Induction Motors • Single Phase Motors • Alternators • Synchronous Motors

Part-III: Power System
• Generation of Electrical Energy • Economics of Power Generation • Supply Systems • Overhead Lines • Distribution of Electric Power • Faults in Power System • Switchgear • Protection of Power System

Part-IV: Basic Electronics
• Semiconductor Physics • Semiconductor Diodes • Transistors • Transistor Biasing • Single Stage Transistor Amplifiers • Multistage Transistor Amplifiers • Transistor Audio Power Amplifiers • Amplifiers with Negative Feedback • Sinusoidal Oscillators • Transistor Tuned Amplifiers