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About the Book

Reasoning, as a subject, has been growing in significance across competitive examinations in India. This is the only assessment area where you will find conventional question types evolving inclusively, as well as new types of questions are emerging. Students are always on the lookout for resources that provide them with a balanced approach to study the ever growing types of reasoning questions, as well as give them ample practice material to hone their skills while preparing for success. This Objective Reasoning series, structured in three books—Objective Verbal Reasoning; Objective Non-Verbal Reasoning; and Objective Logical Reasoning—is an attempt to provide the candidates a resource to attain conceptual clarity needed to comprehend reasoning questions in a simple way and solve the questions accurately.

Key Features

• Balanced approach in providing practice exercises for both branches of Logical Reasoning—Critical Reasoning and Analytical Reasoning
• Illustrations and worked out examples provided for different types of questions generally asked in the competitive examinations
• Well-developed explanations to the solutions, wherever necessary
• Exhaustive exercises provided for hands-on practice of analytical reasoning sets
• A compendium of exercises available on important types of critical reasoning question

Table of Content

Part-1: Analytical Reasoning Tests • Introduction to Analytical Reasoning Questions, Part-2: Critical Reasoning Tests • Introduction to Critical Reasoning Questions • Statement—Assumption Types • Statement—Arguments Types • Statement—Course of Action Types • Truthfulness of the Statement Types • Statement—Conclusion Types • Statement—Conclusion (with Signs and Symbols) Types